Le Pan Magazine

Styling Elena Mora
Photographer Oliver Schwarzwald

Bordeaux 2000
There is a party atmosphere about Bordeaux 2000 – these wines have always been balanced, approachable, ripe and happy. One can open it now and enjoy it at its fullest expression – red currants, red plums, hint of violets and oak. It is such a friendly wine that it comes out to hug you and it is still youthful and loves to party.
Most of the wines call out and say, “Drink me! I am ready to party with you.” If this wine were a person, it would be a confident young woman, just turning 21 years old, and realizing, ‘Life is about the here and now’.

Cheval Blanc
In its youth, the wines are quite rigid and stern, evoking images of new horse saddle made of dark leather or an aristocrat’s study mainly used for cigar smoking. Imagine the smell of strong tobacco and cedar from the humidor filled with the best Cuban cigars and scattered around it are young blackberries and black currants. The texture of this wine is always plush, like cashmere or velvet with no rough edges – the wine just glides across your tongue.
After about 15-20 years of age, Cheval Blanc becomes fascinating and flavors range from flowers, sweet spices like nutmeg to plums and dark earth and black truffles. If this wine was a person, it would be a man with class and royal lineage.